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Projects & Buildings

Karsan-Peugeot Automotive Factory and Administration Building in Bursa

Architect Dr. M. Sinan Genim /Belma Barış Kurtel
Assistants Özgen Esen / Kerem Buğdaycıoğlu / Barış Gören / Irmak Uyar / Görkem Ergazi
Employer Karsan Otomotiv Sanayiand Ticaret A.Ş.
Decoration Dr. M. Sinan Genim / Oya Karafakioğlu
Static Attila Çaydamlı
Mechanic Selim Evyapan
Electiricity Mehmet Ersöz / Korkut Daşdemir
Purpose Automotive Factory and Administration Building
Project Year 1998-2000
Construction Year 1998-2001
Land Area 200.000 m²
Construction Area 90.000 m²

Karsan-Peugeot Automotive Factory and Administration Building in Bursa
Karsan-Peugeot Automotive Factory and Administration Building in Bursa

The automotive factory, began to be built in 1998 at Bursa Akçalar Industrial Zone, comprises an area of approximately 90000 square meters in three different levels due to the layout of the land. Consisting of four main sections, the structure began production after a rapid construction that took one and a half year. The main building consisting of body, paint shop and mounting is approximately 200x200 m in dimensions. These divisions together with last check and pressing divisions were made of steel construction. Administration and social facility sections were built in concrete. 2 km long test course is available. The complacence of the employee was priority in the planning of the social facilities and the results were successful. The nature of the environment was also considered during construction and particular importance was given to the concordance with the environment with a landscape work at large.


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