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Projects & Buildings

Year 1997 Projects & Buildings

  1. Standard Belde Automobil Showroom Building in Kuruçeşme
  2. İzmir Ford-Otosan-Ege Oto Automobil Showroom-Service and Spare Part Store
  3. Faruk Saraç Fashion House and Workshop Preliminary Renovation Project in Levent
  4. A Pool and Pool House in Kanlıca
  5. Residence Project in Yalova
  6. Residence Project in Çamlıca
  7. Teacher Residence and Lodging Project in Bahçelievler
  8. A City Furniture For Abdülmecid Efendi Mansion
  9. Ford-Otosan Spare Part Store and Administration Building Preliminary Renovation Project in Bursa
  10. İstinye Ford-Otsan-Standard Belde Automobil Showroom-Service and Spare Part Store Preliminary Renovation Project