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Projects & Buildings

Architect Dr. M. Sinan Genim
Assistants Nesrin Küçükbayrak / Nesrin Taşkın / Gülay Mevlevi / Belma Barış Kurtel
Employer Sevgi& Erdoğan Gönül
Decoration Rüya Mocan
Static Attila Çaydamlı
Mechanic Sami Bölükbaşıoğlu
Electiricity Hüseyin Öztürk
Purpose Residence
Project Year


Construction Year 1992-1996
Land Area 3.023 m²
Construction Area 497 m²

Restoration of Sevgi and Doğan Gönül Residence in Kandilli

The building burnt down during a fire in 1970’s. The structure began to be rebuilt according to the project approved by the Protection of Immovable Cultural and Natural Assets Board of Istanbul Province. It was left on its own after the completion of its concrete framework. After a while the parcel was purchased by Sevgi and Erdoğan Gönül.

In regard to the enclosed report of ITU Structure and Earthquake Application Research Center, the concrete carcass was demolished due to the project and application mistakes of static system. In addition, the building was severely damaged because it was left out in the open. Architectural project design demanded by our wishes directed us to make a new project.

The approved project measures were adhered to during the draft. However, the two diagonal projections at the façade was made more useful on behalf of the inner space, providing that their present areas were to be stabled. Not only that, the building block was turned vice versa according to the plan usage, and a swimming pool was added close to the building.

The steep stairs at the parcel front were rearranged due to the construction direction at the façade, and less steep and longer stairs were planned.

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