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Projects & Buildings

Restoration of Anatolia Association in Büyükada [with Prof. Dr. hc. A. Halûk Sezgin]

Architect Dr. M. Sinan Genim / Prof. Dr. hc. A. Halûk Sezgin
Assistants Akif Sarıtabak / Feyhan Şen / Haydar Yüzbaşıgil / Asiye Çetin /
Kazım Erdem / Nesrin Küçükbayrak / Nesrin Taşkın
Employer Anatolia Clup
Static Bülent Yüngül
Mechanic Halil Oğut
Electiricity Erol Çığırgan
Project Year 1979
Construction Year 1980-1981
Construction Area 5515 m²

Restoration of Anatolia Association in Büyükada [with Prof. Dr. hc. A. Halûk Sezgin]
Restoration of Anatolia Association in Büyükada [with Prof. Dr. hc. A. Halûk Sezgin]

Anatolia Club, established at Ankara in 31 October 1926 by the request of Atatürk aiming to adapt to a modern life style after the foundation of the Republic, is the first and only parliamentary club. According to the establishment legislation, besides the members of the parliament, high ranking bureaucrats, diplomats, and foreign ambassadors are also either founding or temporary memebers of the club, of which İsmet İnönü was the first president.

The division located at İstanbul Büyükada was installed with the purchase of Büyükada Yacht Club Turkish Incorporated Company that went bankrupt in 1937. The club consists of seven structures covering four parcels. It was established in the building [yellow house], in which today is the large game hall, in the early 20th century [1906] by the name “Yacht Club of Princess” as a division of England Yacht Club. After the Giacomo Hotel right beside the building caught fire, today’s central structure [historical building/white house] was built with the attempts of Leon Pearce, the club president of the time. In 1908 “Prinkipo Yacht Club Company Limited was established.

With the foundation of the Republic, the name of the club changed to Büyükada Yacht Club T.I.C. in 24 July 1924. It was bought by Anatolia Club in 1937 with the boost of Atatürk and began to work as the Büyükada division of the club.

The building of Anatolia Club at Büyükada features some characteristics of colonial and Victorian styles of English origin. Büyükada is one of the sites at which mentioned architectural styles are common. The island was admired by the Turks who adapted western life at the last days of the Ottoman Empire, and also by minorities, levantine and Europeans. Although many of the houses and mansions of Victorian style dating from the early 20th century at Büyükada are made of wood, the building of Anatolia Club was made of masonry, maybe as a result of the dimensions of the building or due to the influence of the English culture. The building demonstrates the features of Victorian style with its dramatic roof at first sight. However, it is also observed that the building can not be attributed to a specific style.

There are medallions, gablets and capitals of empiric style at the upper windows. Victorian style is clearly observable at the towers and architectural elements that form the roof, especially supporting structures that carry the fascia. There is not a specific plan character of the building. According to some written memories, the ground floor was used as meeting and dining of the club, while the upper floor was used as a hotel. One of the rooms located at the corner and looking at the garden was used by Atatürk during his stay in Büyükada. For that reason a bath was added to the room. The building burnt down in 12/13 August 1979 due to a fire in Akasya Hotel right beside it. It was restorated according to its original plan.

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