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Beyoğlu and its surrounding are always the regions which indicates more cosmopolite settelement features. All the embassies of the other countries are in Beyoğlu region except Iran after the decision of the requirement by Ottoman Empire. Recent periods art trends are always seen in Galata / Beyoğlu region. First electricity, first coal gas, first and single tunnel, first municipality also appeared in this region. The first hotel buildings are located in Beyoğlu, İstiklal and Meşrutiyet Streets. The first news about Bristol Hotel was in August 5th, 1892 in Le Moniteur Oriental newspaper. The Armenian-Catholic Patriarch constructed a hotel to architect Achille Manousso. Bristol Hotel which was a prestigious hotel until 1950's lost its rivalry and in 1980's it is bought by Eskişehir Bank and it is collapsed with conserving the front façade. After the building was constructed by Hayzuran and Doğan Hasol by Has Architecture Office as an office building.

The construction of the building is applicated with the references of 1980's static acceptations. From the reconstruction of the building till today, the building has had important changes twice. So that it is thought to collapse the existing building and replan the building as a museum.

The building which is decided to construct as Pera Museum by Suna&İnan Kıraç is formed by combining the Bristol Hotel with the five storey residence building adjacent to it. The area is about 471 m² with two combining parcels. The façades of both two buildings are conserved with a strong rehabilitation with the architectural characteristics. On the façade of Bristol Hotel a soft stone was used. On the two sides of the entrance door and on the middle axis of ground floor's balcony rail the marble was used. The residence building was finished with plaster except ground floor. Because of the need of two storeyed basements from Meşrutiyet Street, both two façades suspended by a steel carcase system.

The main principle of the planning is the vertical circulation with the stairs, elavators and toilets. So that two exhibition halls -one is 200 m², the other one is 100 m² are formed in the building. Because of the requierement of museum and international exhibition halls. Due to the need of a core vertical shafts required to be solved for the needs like fire, air conditioning, climization and safety.

The original building in this region were four storeys. However, by the time in Meşrutiyet Street the height of the buildings rised to 24,50 meters. Because of this while Headquarter Building was constructing two storeys added on the existing building. It is thought to remove this additions but the restricts of the building areas, the new building constructed on the same level again.

Pera Museum today has five storeys. Ground and first floors heights are original but the other three storeys are in two storey height because of the needed height of exhibition areas. Technical rooms, storage units locate in the second basement floor. A 180 seats oditorium and a foyer locate in the first basement floor. On the ground floor there is a cafe, a gift shop and an entrance hall. The entrance of the main building is on the upper level from the street, so that it is decided to use this entrance for vip. The main visitors entrance is from the small building.