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Three master pieces from past to present... Why would anyone think of creating anything like these? Anatolia’s long and vast cultural accumulation is here presented with these examples from her recent past. three concrete variations instead of legends and stories which can be rather hard to believe at times. For me they are also legends in a way; folkloric objects that would occupy our minds till we create their stories. I had always wondered whether they were done actually to be used or just to be looked at? Or did they result from yhe wise trick their masters to play on us? Upon desire, one could use it or look at it or write its tale...

Two jugs and one oil lamp. One of the jugs resembles a mask that has lasted from the Anatolian myths; an owl with huge eyes surrounded with birds and balls. This jug was found by a diver around the shores of Ezine. For me, it was love at first sight. What was the message wished to be conveyed by the craftsman who was trying to see the future by watching time behind those huge eyes? Each time I look at this jug, I wish I could get a hold of its master. What did he want to tell? Why did he create a mystery so surreal?

Or, how about the hare lipped, laughing jug? I saw this jug with its unproportionally placed small body and huge rim, ten years ago at a trift shop. It was starting at me, smiling almost, and pleading “Take me please, take me away before I get hurt and lose my smile.” I’d assume that this jug has been smiling for the past 200 years. What a joy! How wonderful to be able to keep on smiling regardless of all the destructions, all the wars that have filled those 200 years; humans can learn a great deal from that smile. In this life, which slips away faster than quick sand, the secret of happiness resides in the smile. One of the jugs is at watch seated at a corner in my house, while the other keeps on laughing from my bedside and makes me laugh every morning. Days turn into months and months add up to make the years and the hare never loses its eternal smile. Then, shouldn't we smile just to defy the hare, otherwise we will never be able to smile that much? Who knows what made him smile for so long, and who knows who he will be looking at to still do so after me, after us. Am I the owner of this jug; or was it the one who chose me, so that it could still have a laugh for another while? Regardless of all those years gone by, I still haven’t been able to make up my mind.

Everyone knows that Dardanelles porcelains exist in the shape of horses, lions, turtles and fish. Never had anyone heard of one in the form of a bull until we ran into this one. Here’s an example, thousands of years after Hittite ancestors. If we learn to see properly, this land promises us many a wonder.

I wrote the first two stories; and then I thought I’d rather leave it up to You, dear reader, to come up with the last one for the bull.

Owl-shaped Dardanelles jug
20 x 39 cm
Sinan Genim collection

Dardanelles jug
25 x 40 cm
Sinan Genim collection

Bull-shaped Dardanelles jug
20 x 19 cm
Sinan Genim collection